Monday, June 09, 2014

I'm Back?

Summer's here, and I've started to take some baby panda steps back into the garage.

When my friend Kaptain Karl was over a couple weeks ago, I asked him for some advice on bringing the chaos under control. Karl has made really good use of a pretty small space in his work shed, where he builds and restores guitars and other strummable instruments.
Kaptain Karl's very nice workbench

His advice: "Maybe put up some shelves?"

Yup, that's a good idea. So I've started adding some shelving. I put up OSB sheets on the walls a while back to cover bare studs, and the hundreds of siding nails that were sticking through from the outside. Getting those covered made the space feel a little more friendly. Before, it was like I was working in the world's most spacious iron maiden.

So I've added some shelves (shelving brackets and 1x12's), and will be adding more.

I've also replaced the ceiling bulbs with LED's (100 watt equivalents). HUGE difference in the lighting situation. Feels much brighter, and the lighting seems more "even" somehow. I like it.

So I'm making a little progress. We'll see how this goes...

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