Monday, October 01, 2007

Obsess much?

Probably it is almost time to actually start working on the physical plane itself, rather than just obsessing about the website/database part of it. By physical plane, I mean "airplane".

But it's really fun to play with websites, so I guess I've been enjoying the process. Mainly I switched websites for two reasons:

1) Something (possibly the way I was adding expenses in my log) at the old site was causing glitches and disappearing my data.

2) I figured I could tailor the logging part to my own tastes if I just made my own database.

3) (Bonus reason!) If my supposition is right, the few people who read my website mostly just read the front page (the blog part), and not the short little log entries. In which case most of the "logging" can be done off line, without interfering with the patented Bill's Gusset Shop™ experience.


1 comment:

Krista said...

Larry obsesses about lots of things. Time for bed, for instance. "It's time for bed!" he beseeches us on a daily basis, opening his eyes wide, and shaking like a slinky in excitement, even if it is 8:30 at night.