Sunday, September 09, 2007

Ok, I think this'll work.

Using Picasa (from Google) and Blogger, I think I have a good way to have flexibility in maintaining and updating this blog. I can do some from my cell phone, some from right in Picasa, some in Blogger, etc. Picasa also allows me to easily embed a slideshow at the side of my blog, so that's cool too.

I'm also working on a database for tracking my work on the plane which includes sections ("tail", "wings", "gear", etc.), subassemblies ("Aileron Bellcrank Assembly), and individual parts ("W21-11 Bellcrank Plate").

Why go through all the trouble when there are perfectly good logging sites on the web? Partly because they're not perfect for me. Partly because I like playing with databases. Partly because I think my enjoyment of creating a database for this project will help me come at the information from one more angle, which always seems to help when trying to grok some complex thing.

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