Friday, April 18, 2003

K & I had dinner for her parents and sister, brother-in-law and nephew. We had some delicious food--brats, burgers, triscuit triangles and cheese! Also homemade cherry pie, with ice cream and sorbet. I just had a few more pepper jack cheese cubes with some triscuit triangles. Yummy. Found out that I can't do my stair project next weekend (although I suppose I could do it on Sunday...). We had already commited ourselves to helping put the dock in that weekend. But I bet we could come back that night and I could do the stairs the next day. Maybe that will be the thing to do. Spent some time the last few days trying to find people on the web whom I had either played music with or studied under. Tried Mr. Serpico and Kyle-- no luck. Found Andy P. tonight. He's still playing trumpet. Going to try to put a link to an image here. Let's see if it works.

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